Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Day, Another Drama

It's 11:30 AM

I've had some coffee, a microwave breakfast and a shower.
Breakfast and a shower.  I'm calling it a win.

Today the kids have flipped and the majority of the tantrums are from the girl child.  Very dramatic.  Very loud and whiny. I have a head ache.

I've chatted with my mom to find out how my Grandpa is doing and if he's moved from the ER yet and what we know and don't know.  We chatted about life here and I've confessed to not having a Mother's Day gift on the way for her. Littlest Mr. is with The Mr. at Miller park for a baseball clinic.  Then they will be off to another baseball practice.

I should be doing about a million things right now, like laundry and dishes and making a dinner plan and going to the store and cleaning the floors and, well, you get the idea.

*News Flash*

I'm not going to to them. At least right now.

I'm worn.

The girl has been screaming-literally-for 30 straight minutes now. I expect it to go on for hours yet before she calms down enough to talk about the issue.

One of the kids had some huge Mother's Day issues this morning.  It was a lot of processing for both of us.  These are huge complex feelings for such a little person.

I don't like not being able to fix it or make it better. I don't like that I don't have an solid answers to give.

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Mind Of Mine said...

Well, that sounds intriguing. Complex mothers day issues for a child. I am dying to know more!