Friday, May 10, 2013

What Day Is It?

This blog your life every minute may just give you something extra to read now and again.

I'll give you the run down again.  It's 9:30AM.  The only time I stop during the day right now, I am putting down words for you all, so know in those stretches between say 3 and 10, I am literally too busy to take minutes out to put words down.  That is the pace we are living in right now, and frankly, it is too fast.

6AM up and first thing out of bed, deal with kids doing things they aren't supposed to be doing.  6.A.M. friends. Doing things they know they shouldn't. 6!

6:30 life is settled enough for some coffee and a little reading.  When I say reading in the AM, 9 times out of 10, it's my Bible I'm reading.  I try really hard to start there in the morning.

7:AM Drive the oldest to school.  It's raining and The Mr. is not available to do the usual drop off.  He is taking his bi-weekly time out to meet with some men for fellowship and prayer.  It's a must do breakfast meeting, for all of us.

Next the 3 youngest are up and getting ready. I clean up dog poop off the carpet. I refill all the cereal tupperwares with the bag cereal from last nights late night Walmart run.

I spend about 30 minutes on Mr. Monkey's tantrums.

8ish, I take the middle two to their school and deliver a giant box of Sponge Bob cupcakes in the rain, then I get annoyed in the parking lot. There is no parking in the fire lane for a reason folks.

8-9 I got to do the unthinkable, take a hot shower. I even got to think.

That thinking means I have two pending blogs in my mind.  Here's hoping I get to them.

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