Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day Two, Part Two

3PM More phone calls, picked up the middle kids, smallest one had more tantrums

Between 3 and 4 the baseball game was on then off then on then off because of the weather.  The tantrums continued.  Littlest Mr. got ready for his game and then in the end, rain won.  I took Little Miss and went off on yet another round of errands across town.

While running errands I handled some more conversations, texts and phone calls.

5-6 time zone found me making dinner, handling more tantrums and supervising bed room clean up

6:30 dinner

7-8:30 Bed times, laundry, Chicklet did dishes, lunch boxes got packed

8:30-10 Chicklet and I had a therapeutic shopping trip at the all night Walmart, a hotbed of late night fun, plus it was important to get bread, peanut butter, tomorrow night's dinner and so on.

It's now 11PM.  Laundry is still going thanks to puppy pee. Chicklet is doing blanket repairs while I blog at you.

On a day like today, with lots of driving around, there is a lot of thinking time and in my mind I wrote you many fantastic blogs. Thing is, now it's 11.  I'm done.

Lots of the things I'm doing, the phone calls and tantrums and such are things I need to not share here.  In a way, I wish I could, because everyone should know what these little people's lives are like, all they go through and all they overcome, but it isn't my story to tell, it's theirs.  Besides, we all struggle and overcome, maybe not the same way, but we do.

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