Friday, June 7, 2013

Birthday Boy Part 2

Let's start with a quote, shall we?

"I'm planning to go to that place, what's it called? Um, oh yeah! College!"

Man does this kids future look bright.

That place. College.

Next up, my crazy man-boy confessed that it was a bittersweet day.


My boy sees the world the way I do sometimes.

His words paraphrased.

"It was bittersweet today mom. It was good because it was my birthday and the last day and all that, but it was sad. It was sad because some of my friends are moving and I won't ever see them again. Some of them are going to other schools. It's happy because we will be at new schools and make new friends and some old friends will be there. I even cried a little today. I said I wouldn't cry today, but I did mom. It was a happy-sad bittersweet day. Oh, and there were a lot of girls with short shorts!"

Strange to my ears he is tracking already how long until he is behind the wheel. It seems just today he realized he is just that much older than his classmates and if he does it right, could be one of the first ones driving. One of his friends is already asking him for a ride.

It seems like a week ago I was dropping him off for his first day of middle school, listening to all the other parents freak out about 6th graders in middle school. I was poo-pooing them and saying these kids can do this. This morning I dropped him off for his very last day.

In the fall, I'll drop him off at the high school and it will be the next in line having his first day of 6th grade middle school.

Then I'll blink and it will be done again and time for the next one.

I agree, my man-boy, this is indeed a bittersweet day.

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