Monday, July 1, 2013


Once again I'm going to use NaBloPoMo as a jump start to get out of being a lazy blogger and get back in the habit of daily writing. So here is a post based on today's prompt: Write about the last time you connected with a friend.

To me, this is a little bit of a strange idea.

Write about the last time you connected with a friend.

I kind of want to be a little smug and say simply, if they are my friend, we stay connected on purpose all the time.

I suppose if I have to say that connected means saw them in person, I would have a little more to talk about, but even still, people I am friends with, I make a point of connecting with in person. How often that happens just depends on the million factors of life happening to  both of us. Sometimes it is easy to see another person in person all the time, sometimes it isn't.

When your friend is on the other side of the country or off being a mission on the other side of the world, face time is limited. That doesn't mean we aren't staying connected though.

In our Internet saturated planet, it is insanely easy to stay connected with people. We all know that it doesn't take that many minutes to drop a text or email saying, "hey, I thought of you, how are you?" and that's it. That's all the harder it is to stay connected.

The depth of your relationship and how deep or intimate you want, need or desire it to be will be what determines the amount of investment you place in your emails or texts or phone calls. How long you talk, how well you listen, how personally or how openly you respond are all parts of it.

It's also about knowing the other person. I have some friends that connect best in person. I have some that our deepest, most personal exchanges happen electronically. Neither one is better than the other and both leave us connected.

We say this age of technology is leaving us disconnected and isolated from our friends. I suppose it could if you are spending all your e-time playing games, watching media of some type or whatever, but if you are using a fair amount of your e-time to stay in communication with your friends, then I disagree. 

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