Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where is your favourite place to connect with friends?

That's our question for the day.


I'm going to stick with wishy-washy answers like, it depends.

It depends, really. I'm not being difficult. It really does depend on lots of things.

Sometimes the perfect setting is a party with lots of people around, close friends and not so close.

Sometimes the perfect place is anywhere you can be one on one and be anonymous.

The perfect place could be very public or very private. I find it doesn't matter that much. What matters more is how comfortable the two people are in it because that determines the level of deep or intimate conversations.

Sometimes the perfect place is a bar with a little liquid help for relaxing barriers.

The perfect place is sometimes my home, although getting even a moment of uninterrupted quasi-private time is next to impossible, depending on the time of night, it can happen.

More than perfect places, I find the key to connecting with friends is timing.

Connecting takes time. Usually lots of time. Hours and hours together at a time and this is something that happens for weeks or months or years. Sometimes the groundwork can be laid by email, text, phone conversations, etc. and the face time comes later.

I also find that darkness helps with connections. Dimly lit bars or restaurants are great for conversations and connections. Late nights on the sofa are fantastic. Car rides or walks are pretty amazing too.

So there you have my nonspecific answer to the very specific question of where is your favorite place to connect.

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