Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Odds and Ends or Maybe Just Odd...

I like Pinterest. It amuses me. It tweaks my brain. It's a little like a happy combination of mindless channel surfing and mindless Internet wandering.

It also brings things to mind though.

1. I don't understand the chevron trendy-ness.  I just don't.

2. Mason jars. Seriously? Sigh. When did the things I used when I was a dirt poor 20-something become trendy chic and fancy enough for even a wedding?

3. Individual anything in a coffee cup. Just make the whole cake or the whole batch of mac-n-cheese and have leftovers tomorrow.

4. Who are these people that have time for all this stuff? When do they think of it or do it?

 Oh wait, maybe they don't have a pack of "special" kids so they don't understand the simple joy of just having coffee in your damn coffee cup!

Maybe I'd be more interested in mason jars if they were indestructible or chevrons if they could camouflage the wear and tear a pack of wild kids puts on a life.

5. Those family stickers on cars. Truly the only way I could get behind sticking a family of those on the back of my truck would be if there was a set that even came close to adequately demonstrating my level of sarcasm and humor.

Let's wrap this up with a conversation I had this morning with one of my boys while driving the brood to summer school.

"Mom, Batman should not wear tights."

I'm not going to lie, that briefly snapped me out of my waiting for the train, guzzling my lukewarm much needed coffee coma.


"I mean really, Mom, what's he dressed for? Tights are stupid. He would look so much cooler if he work black skinny jeans and a tight tee shirt, black of course. He should still have the Batman logo on his chest and still wear the mask, but the pointy ears, those have to go too. He needs to get modern. Batman could still wear his utility belt and he should wear high tops, not those dumb boots. What is that all about anyway? Oh Mom, and the cape. The cape is stupid and should go too. He doesn't fly, he just jumps so he really doesn't need it anyway. It's just dumb."

Just like it started it stopped. He went back to looking out the window and sitting quietly.

Yup. My life is this odd all the time.

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