Thursday, August 8, 2013

Break A Leg

So, what's new?

Around here, theater is new.

We are getting a crash course in auditions and all things theater.

I think this is going to be a learning season!

Little Mr. declared about a year ago or so that he wanted to grow up to be an actor. He has actually said it off and on for a long time, but more in passing than in seriousness.

Last summer he did a round of camp with First Stage. They put on one amazing summer camp. We thought he would enjoy it, meet some new people and work out some social skills issues. It did all that and a little more.

That bug bit him.

This year he got a little more focused and serious in his talk. His dreams began to take shape.

He still wasn't ready to take the leap though.

No auditions for him.

Fast forward to this summer. Another season of summer camp with  First Stage.

That bug bit harder.

Little Mr. got brave. He auditioned for a local theater. He auditioned at  First Stage. He has a call back with the first theater. He has an opportunity to audition for an upcoming production of Les Mis.

I suddenly feel like Dorothy being sucked into the tornado.

There is a sudden whirlwind of monologues, sheet music and head shots. There are piles of emails, map questing and voice mails.

I'm pretty sure we won't drop out of the sky and crush anyone like a farm house in Oz, but I am curious to see just exactly where this drops out.

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