Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yesterday, Today

Yesterday was the day we had built up to for 18 months or more.

Yesterday was adoption day.

Yesterday was celebration and photos and cake and gifts.

Yesterday was relief.

Yesterday was the stop-gap moment of a month or more of acting out behaviors and processing of deep emotional junk for all of us.

We paused. We smiled. Breathe in. Breathe out. We listened. We answered under oath. We brought home the sacred piece of paper.

Today is forever.

Today is the other side of the question.

Today is the answer we've all been waiting for.

Today is where we try to remember what life was like when we were just a family instead of a foster family.

Today is the day that one wants to believe all the issues will be solved or at the very least, lessened.

Today is really the day of anger.

Today is the day it all begins hitting home that the first family isn't ever going to be again.

Today is the beginning of the reality of forever siblings.

Today is the day of bitter, ugly tantrums.

Today is the day of hateful words and broken things and slammed door.

Today is the day of complete and utter emotional exhaustion that claims all minds.

Today is the day of tender wounded hearts and tears.

Today is the day of feeling lonely while surrounded by your people and not understanding it.

Adoption isn't a magic solution.

Today is the day we remember it isn't.

Today is the day we walk this path together, forever family style.

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