Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Praying Life

Finally caught up with the baby paper work. I still have plenty of things to do on that front though. And plenty of other things.

I think that maybe the laundry reproduces in the shoot. I haven't even finished last weeks laundry and the cupboard is exploding again.

Same with the dishes. There were only 2 bowls in the sink when I went to bed last night, and now the sink is vomiting out dirty dishes everywhere.

It was a long night for the Mr. and the Little Miss. I take the night shift with her Sunday through Thursday and the Mr. takes Friday and Saturday nights. That combined with a long and winding sermon this morning left the Mr. nodding during church.

The point was great. A message we all need to hear. But it was two illustrations too long. We got it, or at least I got it after the first one. I was ready for the verse to wrap it all up and then it went on. Oh well. I'm sure it served it's purpose for someone.

So what was the point? You can't have a divided heart. You must go direct to God every time for everything. He takes you broken, you don't have to be the picture of perfection for Him. Besides, He sees it all anyway and knows all about your brokenness. And, we're all broken. For some of us it shows and is real obvious, for others it's hidden away like a dark lurking secret. Either way, God knows.

It's a heavy heart day for me. Lots of prayers. My list continues to be long. Then there is yet another person. God is prompting me so strongly to be in prayer for her all day today. I'm almost worried. Except that I don't worry anymore. God commands us not to. So I'm just going to go back to praying for her. It's been an all day thing. Maybe it will be revealed to me, and maybe not. Either way, I'll just obey.

So, back to life and back to prayer.

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