Wednesday, March 7, 2007


We're making some headway over here with the defiance and school issues.


Turned off the TV. Took away a lot of the distractions like blocks and crayons. Who knew a box of crayons would derail an entire school day. It's unusual over here, but it's our life.

I'm getting ready to enter the modern technological world. The cell phone is on it's way. I hope it comes with an idiot user guide. And I hope I can figure it out before I need to make a call.

We had more snow last night, but the sun is shining today. They say, ha, ha, that we'll be into the melt temps in about a week. Not too soon for this chick. I'm sick of snow.

The rose bush that The Mr. sent to me for Valentine's Day has a new bud. I wondered how it would do. It arrived with several buds, but clearly they had been frosted by the weather. I pruned them off and hoped for the best. Now it has a bud. And new little green leaves too.

These are the days, stuck between winter and spring that I get restless. I long for things past or future. I want to sit in the sun and day dream, nap, write or talk with friends. Not just the small talk that we all enjoy, but those long deep conversations that make relationships what they are.

There is something so intense about being real and alive.

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