Thursday, March 8, 2007

This Modern World

I'm getting ready to enter the world of technology.

A cell phone arrived on my door step today.

I'm a little intimidated. The instruction booklet is 100 pages long. Yes, that's all in English.

It seems like it will do a lot. I just hope I can learn how to answer it and call out.

On another note, I'm exploring what the Bible says about baptism with some ladies. It's not going well. This is a hot topic. I didn't really realize. I fear I'm bungling the whole thing up something awful.

I'm finding I really don't know much about religion. I'm pretty sure I don't care. I care that people understand the gospel. I care that they accept Christ as their savior. I care that they develop a thirst for being in the word. Not necessarily studying in a technical or theological way, but reading it, absorbing it, praying it and hearing from God what He wants to say to them about His word or through His word.

It's complicated. I've had a serious lack of time and have not been able to put my full attention to this study. It shows I'm afraid. I'm going to keep at it. We'll switch off this topic soon. I think next week will be out last look at it. Hopefully, I'll get some time to get into it better and wrap it up well. Until then, I'll be praying and thanking God that His grace is sufficient for all of us, even those of us that bungle.

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