Monday, October 27, 2008

Laundry, Snow & Mondays

Just as I'm sitting down here and starting to think about what to share with you today, I look out the window and see the most amazing, huge fluffy snow flakes falling down from the sky. I'm shocked and amused all at once. I don't even have a snow suit for Little One yet. I'm sure in a minute it will be over, but yet, I can't help but smile thinking of what sort of winter must surely be in store for us this year.

As always around here, it's been a Monday full of laundry and just plain striving to get back into the groove. I was realizing late last night, that this is really our first "real" week with Little One. We're all finally sort of used to each other and having a sort of "regular" schedule week. No big events or travels. So far, no medical junk. Just plain life. Ah. Sounds nice on paper.

I'm looking forward to a chunk of time that is just average. I'm learning not to be mental about all the small stuff and not to be a total control freak. I'm learning to have a lot of patience and acceptance for things just the way they are. I'm learning, or maybe relearning to see the good things and efforts that the kids make. I'm trying to make the effort to see the joy in the things they find joy in.

On another note, we had a great night out for our anniversary. We went to a very grown up restaurant, thanks to the coupon book and a giant gift certificate. It was really quite fun and romantic. Then it got funny. On Sunday morning we ran into our waiter at church. Talk about a small world. It was pretty cool though, to be able to walk over to him with his family and tell him what a great night we had thanks to him. I think his dad was proud.

Well, it's back to the laundry and the babies. Who knew kids could make so much laundry! I wish they were taller and could do it themselves, but I know it would be so hard for them. After all, I have to stand on my tip toes to get the laundry from the bottom of the washer and crawl part way into the dryer to get the socks from the back. Sometimes short isn't all that cute. A couple more inches would have really helped a lot!

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Karies place said...

LOL on the laundry part. As for kids and laundry, it's never ending. I feel I've just gotten it done and it restarts again.

I'm glad you had a nice adult dinner. Those don't happen often when you have the little ones. Now that my oldest ds R is 15, we have him watch the girls or at least the littlest one as the older dd helps out. So nice for a change now.