Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Polite Dinner Converstations

Dinner is always a wild family time over here.

Last night was no exception. The conversation went something like this...

Little Mr. "Did you ever see that metal bikini that Princess Leia wears in Star Wars?"

Littlest Mr. "Yes." Although he likes his food so it sounded more like "Yealph"

Little Mr. "Dad, you've seen the metal bikini right?"

Me "Let's not talk about Princess Leia and her metal bikini during dinner. Please."

Little Mr. totally ignoring me, "Mom could never wear that, know why?"


Little Mr. "The behind the scenes interview said she had to work out and couldn't have any wrinkles or fine lines."

Littlest Mr. laughing, "Yeah, mom has wrinkles and fine lines!"


How did our dinner conversation end up being about my wrinkles and fine lines and what do little boys know about those anyway? I guess it's better, or at least as good as the nights they pick on my hair.

"Hey mom? Why do you have all those white sparkly hairs?"

"Um, because you're my kid?"

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Karies place said...

ROFL!!! Those are our types of conversations!