Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm still having the same issues. I keep writing out posts for here and then realizing that I really can't put them up.

It's a funny life I'm living. It needs to be absolutely transparent and yet in so many ways my tongue is tied.

But in a way, isn't that the life of a Christian too?

Not that we're not supposed to speak out about being a Christian and the hope we have in that life, but in a way, it's wasted words. It's our life living that really makes the difference. Don't tell me about this great unquenchable unjudging love you have, show me.

Spring cleaning season is great for the house, but great for the heart too. It's a good time to look under the stairs and see what's in those boxes. It's a great time to get under the bed and to the back of the closet shelves. It's good to sort through things and see what to keep, what to share and what to toss. Spring is a good time to check your priorities too.

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