Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I've got this thing about cars, and it's getting worse. Blame it on the years I spent working at dealerships, but I have issues.

Then again, maybe it's money issues. Or maybe it's really about gratitude or generosity or greed or pride.

Maybe I just have issues.

Expensive cars make me crazy. Really crazy. Like almost distracted while driving crazy.

I've never owned a really expensive fancy car. I've had a lot of practical cars, some on the more expensive end, but definitely not new or fancy. There are no perks or gizmo's on the bus is what I'm saying.

Why does a cool car drive me nuts?

It's not that I don't appreciate the beauty of a cool car. I do. I really, really do. I enjoyed my days at the dealerships, driving around in those brand new Cadillacs and sports cars. I did. It was fun. They're cool cars. No doubt about it.

It's the money tied to it that kills me.

When I see an amazing car driving down the road and I get a mental number of what that car cost, I start shaking my head. Know why?

Because I'm thinking, "Really?"


"That was the best thing you could think to do with a chunk of money that big?"

Pick a charity and give away half of it. I don't care what charity you pick. Save a penguin, lobby for greener greens or wetter water or feed a few hundred kids. Whatever. It just seems insane to me, that a person would intentionally take that huge pile of cash and dump it into a vehicle.

I know. I get it. The same can be said of our lattes and improve-your-butt-tennis-shoes, our colored hair and whitened teeth. We drop our dollars on diet food when we could just eat things that don't come in packages--you know, like fruits and veggies.


We're all guilty of it. I drop dollars in places that I feel guilty about later. I look at my life and feel ashamed of how little I do and how little I give. It's easy to climb on my justification tower and say, but I am doing this or that.

Yeah. Whatever.

I'm thinking it's all going to sound pretty lame when I start to stutter in front of the King.

Can I get an Amen here?

But back to my point about the cars, can I just ask a simple favor?

If you're out there, driving one of those super fantastic, awesome convertibles on an Indian Summer afternoon in a temperate climate, could you at least put the top down and look like you're reveling in every last second of it? Would it be to much to ask you to put a smile on your face?

Nothing wastes a hot car like a driver mad at the world.