Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So The Mr. Said

I'll admit it, I'm still processing the crash a bit and not just because the insurance stuff is far from over.

I'm working at processing the mortality bit of the whole dang thing.

Denial is a speciality of mine and I have been quite happy having most of my life go along blissfully ignoring the possibility of ever being anything but perfectly alive.

This little accident thing has caused a little blip in that.

So as I'm driving The Mr. to the air port this morning, we were having a little chat.

Let's back track for a moment.

The Mr. is very talkative and very emotional.


Now, back to our conversation.

I was talking and talking and talking about just the different things that could have happened and saying how some of my friends have said to me that they would have been very upset if I had been killed.

The Mr. says, "Yup, that would have sucked."


That's just about the only thing he's said about the whole incident.

He's a man of many words and great emotion.

"That would have sucked."

We had a good laugh and I drove on.