Friday, January 7, 2011

You're In Charge

This is a funny, meaning weird not ha ha, spot I'm in.

I spend a lot of time looking at the blank blog space and not having the words.

It's not that I don't have anything to say or anything to write about, but sort of it is. Not like a real writers block, not at all, just not things that make a whole lot of sense to you the reader.

I could write thousands of words of me sorting through all sorts of things in my head that I'm working on figuring out, but that's dull reading, even for me. I could write the obvious stuff, like the weather and the kids and all that, but it gets old, honestly, to pull something out of that daily. I could just let the blog sit until I have something fabulous to say, but that could be, well, forever.

So how about instead, we do something totally different. You leave me your questions and I'll see what I can do with those. You leave me some suggestions of things you'd like to see me write about or things you'd like to know my take on or anything else you can come up with. I'll take them as writing prompts and we'll see what happens next.

I guess, I'm leaving you in charge for a while. Maybe it's just the looming edits of the NaNoWriMo thing sucking my will to write or the deep dark winter making me want to hibernate. I don't know.

It does seem like the perfect night to build a fire in the fire place, pile on the blankets, pour a glass of wine and surround myself with the people I love the most, but then again, that's pretty close to the ultimate for me. Change the season and it's maybe being on the beach in the sun, but everything else is the same. Add a pile of great books, lots of time to talk deeply, laugh like it'll never end and I'm over the moon.

Yes indeed.