Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's The Mr.'s Birthday

Today is The Mr.'s actual birthday so it only seems fitting to write a little something sweet about this man I've shared more than half my life with.

A List Of Sorts About The Mr.
  • He is a man of few words, but when he does speak, it's well worth listening to.
  • Two things The Mr. loves are sailing and baseball.
  • He self labels as "cheap, but not miserly".
  • The Mr. is colorblind, so if you see him wearing something other than blue, black or white you can bet that someone else bought it for him.
  • He loves peanut butter cups.
  • A perfect summer night for The Mr. is sitting in the back yard with a fire, scotch in hand, and Uecker calling the Brewer game on the radio, but this is only if he has to be on land. True perfection would by lying on his back on the deck of a sweet sail boat, far from land.
  • He delights in his kids, forever and foster.
  • He indulges his wife.
  • The Mr. is a book man. He reads and is forever learning.
  • He is a thinker.
  • Not only did he receive an award recognizing his work this year, a few days ago he received a promotion too. Nicely Done, Mr., Nicely Done.
  • He loves the people I love, simply because I love them.
  • He is generous and loyal.
  • He is a gifted shepherd and a patient leader with an ability to see the end far out into the future.
  • He is very, very funny, but you have to be watching and listening for it. His delivery is deadpan and his humor is wry and dry.
  • The Mr. is a word-ie. Impressive for a numbers guy.
  • He loves movies, especially bad B movies in the vein of the whole world being destroyed in a day.
  • He's a good writer and a pen snob.
  • The Mr. is an excellent speaker.

These are in the Odd Fact and Lessor Known things category.

  • The Mr. completed college in 5 years, with a perfect 4.0 GPA.
  • He wrestled in high school at 126. Really.
  • Back in the day, he played a mean sax.
  • The Mr. broke his first wedding band playing soft ball.
  • He wore an engagement ring, just like I did.
  • The Mr. was president of his frat a lifetime ago.

I'll leave you with a song today, a little snap shot of our past perhaps.  This hails from our college sailing club days and regatta weekends.