Sunday, October 23, 2011

Doing The Unthinkable

Well, we're doing it again.  The unthinkable. 

This time it's just a bunk bed. 

It's an equally unprobable situation.

All in the land of foster care.

Last time we thought we were going to be quickly adopting a sibling pack.  3 kids.  2 girls and a boy. 

We bought "the cloud", our big white van.  It seats 12.

We modified our home.  Adding egress windows to our lower level to make it safer and more pleasant. 

It's foster care-land, so everything changes.  It sometimes goes exactly as you are told and sometimes it goes exactly the opposite way.

We never got the girls.  The boy "went home" and had a happy ending.  Honestly, it was.

This time we're only putting up bunk beds. 

There are already enough bumps in this case to make me wonder of Mr. Monkey will stay forever as we've been told or not. 

It's far to early to tell.

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