Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life In the In Between

Right now I'm living in the In Between.

I'm in the place between who I know my God to be and what I know the world to be. 

We all know the song, and I am feeling like I am that tree bent over in the hurricane.

I know the promises He made.  I know the love and mercy and grace.  I know the healing and comfort to be found.

I am walking with far too many friends bending in the weight of the pain and fear of this world. 

It's a hard place to stand, my friends, no one would deny it. 

But please don't just stand, the victory comes when we keep going, one step after another, forward into something we can't see.

It's a hard place to stand next to you, as a wordy girl, suddenly and completely without any right words to say.

Each of you standing in your own personal hurricane knows who you are and what you mean to me.  Know in the days ahead, I am loving you and praying for you and your world, even if you can't see how that could be.