Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daily Dose

The prompt today over at NaBloPoMo is a question about what you learned from blogging daily.

I've been in the habit of blogging daily for a while so I'm not sure that I learned anything in particular this month from doing it daily.

I do realize that I typically have a lot I want to say.  I have a whole lot of opinions and observations about my own life experiences, but that's why this is blog is labeled in the subtitle as my life in my corner of the world.

I also realize that quite often what I want to say, shouldn't really be said, at least not out loud in the big public venue of the Internet.

Sometimes it's fun to play a meme or blog hop.  Sometimes prompts are great for jogging a thought or getting a post printed.  Sometimes they make you roll your eyes. Sometimes you write for your audience and sometimes you write for yourself.

Comments can be fun and encouraging or just down right nasty.

I am reminded how often I write a great blog in my head while I'm driving or showering and then when I finally get the minutes to sit down and pound them out, the idea is gone, or maybe the idea is still there but the turn of phrase, the great poignant moment I was creating is missing.

So what about you? What did you learn about yourself by writing daily? Is it a challenge you would ever take? Was it something you just ho-hummed and half-assed your way through this month just so you could say, whoo hoo, I did it, or did you really dig into yourself and find something?

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