Friday, February 24, 2012

Techno Rant

Oh Internet, you drive me wild.  You delight me and frustrate me and frighten me all in one.  I find the Internet brings out some enormous pet peeves for me.

Now that I'm an iPhone convert I am especially fond of technology.  Nothing excites me or delights me more than "instant" answers from Google or  The map thing on the iPhone has saved my butt too many times to tell.  Bible, books, Facebook and games all in my pocket whenever I desire.  Oh. My.

I have learned to love things like Hulu and Pandora.

My blog is a happy place for me to let out some of the words and stories and things that clutter up my mind.  It's a great way to have a modern day soap box, and I have plenty of opinions.

There are things that tweak me the wrong way though too.  But even those are double sided and split.

I love blogs.  I really do.  I have an enormous pet peeve though.  My peeve is if you leave a link in your blog, tell me why.  What do you want the reader to get from watching the video you posted?  The song you linked is supposed to tell us what about you or move us how?  A link with no explanation or information means nothing to me and most often I simply ignore it and move on.  I don't have the arrogance to guess what you were trying to tell me.  It's like I tell my littles at home here, just use your words and tell me.  Don't think I will just know or be able to guess through some magical super power.  It's your blog, use it and speak your mind.

And all this linking leads me to the next thing.  Pinterest.  It is an amazing thing.  It delights me.  I was a crazy wild pinner for a few months and now I have deleted them all and started over.

What, why you ask?

Because it's a respect thing.  It's best explained over at Link With Love.  Please, please follow the link and read about it.  Respect the art, the creator, the thinking.  It's the right thing to do.  It just is.

And it's exactly like when you link something on your blog.  You leave that link with respect and mention, a little hat tip if you will, to the original creator.



If it was your art or words or work, you would want the credit, so give the credit where it's due.

This my friends leads to my next peeve.  I want to pin with proper credit to the source.  Sometimes, often times, it means I decide not to pin something because I can't find it's source.

How is this a double edge thing for me?

Well, as I write more and more, blog and book and otherwise, I want what I write to be so good that someone desires to copy and share it, but I also want it to be attributed to me and not "stolen."  On the other hand, I'm a relatively generous kind of gal and so there is another part of me that thinks oh well, whatever it's ok, I want to be nice and it's an honor to have my stuff, my words, thoughts, works thought so highly of that someone just took it.

It's complicated to explain, but that's just how it is inside my mind.

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